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Discover the latest beauty brands, whilst supporting smaller indie businesses.


Supporting small is a big thing on everybody's lips at the moment. With 2020 leaving small business owners in a vulnerable position, a large proportion of the population have pledged to support small. We've found a way that you can incorporate this into your beauty routine. Enter, The Indy Box. 


Why support small?


Since the pandemic, over 32 million people have been making a conscious decision to support independent businesses. Since the pandemic, it has been found that over 32 million people have been making a conscious decision to support independent businesses. 


Small businesses are people's passion projects. They are brands where the founders pour their heart and soul into everything that they do. Often, independent brands get over looked in favour of well-known corporate beauty companies with hundreds of highly paid professionals working on every launch. However, there are so many beautifully thought out brands where individuals create products worth talking about. They deserve our recognition and support. 



Why The Indy Box?


Each month, you will receive 5 beauty products. These products have been carefully selected by us, for you. With every order of The Indy Box that you make, you are helping support 5 indie beauty brand's dreams. We pledge to pay fair prices and contributions to all products that we feature in our boxes. Unlike a lot of beauty subscriptions, that rely on sourcing free product at the expense of the brand's they feature, to aid their own profitability. We're here to support and celebrate the brands, not take away from them.


The Indy Box is continuing to grow and is being recognised for the work that it has set out to do. Our aim is to support and influence the growth of so many independent businesses. We are working with over 70 independent beauty brands and have had some brilliant feedback from both indie brand owners and perspective subscribers alike. 


This list is constantly growing as we discover more and more brands everyday. Creating a brand and platform in 2020, in the midst of such a crazy time that we are all living in, is exactly what the world needs right now. A place to celebrate the smaller brands when they need our help the most. 





Our founder, Becky from Liverpool, has always been beauty and skincare obsessed. 

"I work full time as a retail manager. It isn’t my goal career, but after dropping out of university due to mental health, I fell into the job I had when I was a student. I’m not going to lie, falling into a mundane working pattern, meant I lost my drive, my passion and my get up and go! My new get up and go was just, get up and go to work.


At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I was on furlough for around 3 months. It was very strange at first; as it was for everybody, we all had to get used to a “new normal”. I hadn’t long discovered beauty boxes, and I found myself really looking forward to receiving a little box of beauty treats every month during lockdown - it was the ultimate pick- me-up!


I have always had a passion for make up and beauty, since I was an early teen. I’ve always wanted to be a beauty blogger, and there are some pretty embarrassing attempts at becoming one attached to my name on the web! I guess now I’m living out my teenage dream of sharing beauty tips, tricks and faves online.


I actually didn’t realise the vast selection of beauty boxes that are on the market. I remember it was about 4am, and I got sucked into the black hole of YouTube, you know when you just start watching video after video?


This time, I was watching previous month’s boxes of all different beauty subscription brands. I grew really curious as to how beauty boxes source all of these amazing products yet still make a profit. The video watching turned into research and the research turned into me being sat there mumbling “I could do that”. I jotted down a few brief notes, ready to start in-depth work on my idea the next day.


That was it then. For the rest of my time on furlough, I lived and breathed The Indy Box. I run the whole show completely by myself; I liaise with brands, run the socials and make every decision alone. This has been an absolutely amazing learning curve for me, who usually dwells on self doubt and has a severe lack of confidence, that actually I CAN do it. I’ve returned to my full time work positive, happy and busier than ever, and loving every second of it!"



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