Discover your new favourite beauty brands, whilst supporting smaller up-and-coming businesses.

The revolutionary beauty subscription

Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 32 million people have been making a conscious decision to support independent businesses. Nearly two thirds of the population plan to continue to support indie businesses post-lockdown. We’ve found a way for you to discover fabulous new beauty products whilst supporting and promoting the growth of smaller, up-and-coming beauty brands.


Each month, you will receive 5 quality products to fall in love with. From skincare, to cosmetics, and everything in between; get ready for a revolutionary beauty box! Indie businesses are people’s passion projects that they pour their heart and souls into and deserve more recognition for the fabulous work they do to create their products. Every month, you will receive a beauty box which is worth so much more than what you are paying. What an amazing way of supporting indie businesses as well as getting more bang for your buck!?


We can’t wait for you to enjoy everything that The Indy Box has to offer. It’s an exciting time for you, for us and for the brands that we work with and support as we help them to continue to grow.

Our November box is worth over £80

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Our monthly boxes go live on our website on the 5th of every month. You can order one time purchases and rolling monthly subscriptions.


Connect with us and join our community, which celebrates the amazing work independent beauty brands do. 


Our boxes are dispatched on the 20th of each month. Receive your handpicked selection of indie treats right to your door and share them using #theindybox


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The Indy Box has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. Here’s to all us indie beauty brands and initiatives like The Indy Box who hype us! 

The Indy Box makes sure our voices and message is hear. A truly unique and inclusive brand. We can’t wait for them to bring much needed change to the beauty industry.

The exposure The Indy Box provides is paramount to helping us grow. We can’t wait for babes to discover the amazing indie brands The Indy Box has expertly curated.

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