How much will the box cost?


Our box retails at £25 a month for the rolling subscription. Unlike many beauty boxes, we’re committed to paying fair contributions for the products we feature in our boxes. As we support smaller, independent brands, it’s important that the brands we work with never feel like they lose out from working with us, only gain. Make sure you check your inbox regularly, when you sign up to our mailing list, you’ll receive exclusive discounts to your inbox.


When do I have to order my box by?


The month’s box will go live on our website to order on the 1st of every month. Your box will be dispatched to you on the 15th of the month.

If you have a subscription, you don’t have to worry! We’ll dispatch your box every month, so the only thing you have to do is get excited to receive your indie beauty treats. 


Your subscription will be billed to your account from the 1st of every month.



Do you do single month boxes?


We do! The one-off boxes will retail at £27.50. They would make perfect gifts, or excellent tasters to discover your love of The Indy Box. It’s the exact same box that subscribers will receive, you just won’t be charged monthly and is a little bit pricier than opting for the rolling monthly subscription.


Inside your one-off box will also be some exclusive discount, so when you see how amazing your Indy Box is, you can go on and order the rolling monthly subscription.


How much will the box value?


This differs each month. Our November and December box are both valued over £80! So, you get to support and discover smaller, indie businesses AND receive a monumental discount on your beauty purchases? Talk about more bang for your buck!


Each box is guaranteed to be worth over £50 every month. So, you’re saving at least 50% by subscribing to The Indy Box.


What brands should we expect to see?


You will see some of the best smaller, indie brands featured in The Indy Box. It’s important to us to provide a platform to celebrate the work of independent beauty brands. You get to discover hot up-and-coming brands and they receive air time and recognition for their fabulous products. Make sure to keep connected with us on Instagram, where we will post sneak peeks throughout the month to get you excited for this month’s Indy Box.


What if I have allergies?


Every product we feature has ingredients on the back of the packaging. We advise all our customers to assess the ingredients prior to use. We also advise all customers to do a patch test 48 hours before using the products, to avoid any unwanted, pesky reactions.


Every product featured in The Indy Box has been tried, tested and loved by us! We will never feature a did product in the boxes, but everyone’s skin is different, so that’s why we encourage the patch test!


What products will I receive?


Every month you will receive a different range of products. This ranges from:


    •    Skincare

    •    Haircare

    •    Cosmetics

    •    Bodycare

    •    Beauty tools/accessories


And everything in between!


You will receive 5 products a month ranging from full size, to luxury travel size. There will also be added bonus products from time to time, as you deserve the treat!


When will I find out what’s in the box?


We will be posting sneak peeks throughout the month on our socials, to get you excited for the box. On the 3rd of the month, we will release the full product list for the month. We’ve found people like to know what they’re getting in the boxes, that’s why we’re giving you the run down! Otherwise, dodge those spoilers if you want the surprise!


Are there any hidden costs?


No! No hidden costs, only our retail price and delivery! You won’t be charged anything else throughout the month, other than these, don’t worry!


Can I cancel my subscription?


Yes! Cancel your subscription through your account, or email us over at info@theindybox.com


If you cancel your box after the 15th, that will be your final month, you won’t be charged again after that. You can always come back to us whenever you want to though. We’d miss you!



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